Ruth Kedar’s Art Gallery and Store is now open!

We're excited to announce that Ruth Kedar Art Gallery is officially open! You can now browse and shop Ruth's original New Media, Mixed Media and Monotype art, as well as prints on paper, metal and canvas. There is also a brand new collection of Art-inspired gifts, from Mugs to Tote Bags, from Phone Cases to… Read More

Ruth Kedar @ThinkAgain Live Speakers Series

Apogee is BITS Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Pilani, India) annual technical extravaganza, celebrating ingenuity and creativity. A melange of technology, innovation and inspiration across space and time of humankind, this technical conference plays host to the brightest minds and thinkers in India and across the globe. Ruth Kedar speaks at the… Read More

Ruth Kedar talks with Ian Paget @ LogoGeek

In 1998, when she was art professor at the Stanford Art Department, Ruth Kedar was approached by 2 students to design a logo for their startup business. Those students were Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, which has now become one of the worlds most profitable businesses and the logo one of… Read More

After an Iconic Logo, What’s Left to Create?

One can create an amazing logo, but so much of a visual identity’s success is wrapped up in external factors, particularly the fate of the company itself. With no guarantees that one “big break” will lead to another, the designers behind the Apple, Google, and Pinterest logos realized they must develop their own barometers for… Read More

Ruth Kedar’s Art

Ruth Kedar has always been interested in storytelling. While her design approach is utilitarian, her art is experimental in nature, and it develops organically as a series of multi-layered visual progressions that allow her to tell intricate, detailed and personal stories about her journeys, her observations and discoveries - a window to her soul. For more… Read More
Ask Ruth Kedar

Don’t ask, don’t tell…

Wiselike has launched its “Ask Me Anything” platform and "lined up a pretty interesting group of people who will answer questions, including the designer behind the Google logo, Ruth Kedar." No holds barred, Ruth was asked and answered wide gamut of design questions, from theory to practice. What are ways that color choice may negatively affect a… Read More
Kedar Designs website gets a makeover

Kedar Designs Gets a Makeover

There's a saying that the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot. Well, it's quite applicable here, since we've been walking shoeless for quite a while. But the time finally came, or more precisely the diem was finally carped, and here we are with a long and way-over-due updated web presence. The writing was on the wall for so long that we decided to embrace it.… Read More
Google logo redesign debate

Time Out

"Google's decision to make the most significant change yet to its iconic logo in 16 years set off a fury of responses online: 9,500 comments on Google's blog post, countless tweets and articles for and against the redesign". And that was just the first day after the change was announced. Mashable reached out for an interview with Ruth… Read More