Alpha Summit

Alpha Summit Visual Identity Visual Identity for Alpha Summit Europe, the leading international event to catalyze the creation and growth of European technology industries. Client Alpha Consortium Area Technology Discipline Visual Identity, Design Read More


Duolog Design, Packaging Duolog is a limited edition playing cards deck designed by Ruth Kedar. Printed with 6 spot colors and metallic inks, this luxurious edition is encased in a multi-layered translucent wrapper inside a bespoke box. A few Duolog decks are still available for purchase. Visit Shop Client Kedar Designs Area Playing Cards Discipline… Read More


Analog Design, Packaging Award winning playing cards deck designed by Ruth Kedar reimagines the design of playing cards by creating a dynamic visual language that is delightful, unique, and ever changing. A few Analog Decks are still available for purchase. Visit Shop Client Kedar Designs Area Playing Cards Discipline Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design Read More


Tesselation Book Design, Campaigns "The one and the many" - Promotional campaign for Kedar Designs illustrating the concept that the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Learning is the discovery that something is possible. - FRITZ PERLS Client Kedar Designs Area Publishing Discipline Book Design, Campaigns Read More


Quotient Brand Identity Brand Identity for the leader in digital promotions and advertising solutions driven by online and in-store data, with a network connecting millions of shoppers with CPG brands and retailers. "Precision, Focus, Results" The Quotient chevron represents Quotient’s disruptive breakthrough technology. Client Quotient Area Technology Discipline Brand Identity Read More Brand Identity Refreshed brand identity for the leader in consumer savings with a visual identity that is friendly, accessible, and joyful. Client Area Technology Discipline Brand Identity Collaborators Story Worldwide Read More

Matthew Rock

Matthew Rock Brand Identity, Album Artwork Identity and album artwork for Matthew Rock – American songwriter, singer and musician based in Nashville, TN. Client Matthew Rock Area Entertainment Discipline Brand Identity, Album Artwork, Design Read More


Papaya Brand Identity Visual identity and merchandise for a Brazilian Yogurt brand, with its signature process of customizing your favorite yogurt creation in their bright and happy stores. Client Papaya Area Food & Drink Discipline Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Signage Read More